Welcome at the official website of the Confédération Européenne de Scoutisme

Uniting European scouting organisations.
What is the CES?

The CES is an umbrella organization created to unite European national scouting organizations in the spirit of an European brotherhood. Known in English as the Confederation of European Scouts, the CES was formed in Brussels, Belgium on November 12, 1978, and is based in Belgium.

The CES has the following aims:

• To gather together Scout federations in Europe which wish to maintain the fundamental principles of Baden-Powell, and to assure their diffusion and promotion

• Promoting Scouting, Conservation, Brotherhood, and Citizenship

• Getting girls and boys from across Europe together to meet, make friends and learn from each other

• Training leaders

• To encourage and/or to organise between the member federations international meetings for sporting competitions, games, technical- and educational activities and cultural exchange.

• To inculcate in all members the spirit of brotherhood and civil rights, and to make of them national and European citizens who hold justice and equality close to their hearts.

The CES is totally neutral and respect all convictions; it is open to all, regardless of religion or class. It cannot take any position in political or religious affairs. It demands that each member or friend federation respects the spiritual convictions of other federations.